Yveline Lucate charged with domestic assault after biting husband during dispute over purse

33-year-old Yveline Lucate bit Sender Pierre, her husband when he picked up her purse on October 21st. Officers were dispatched to Needmore Road. for a call regarding a domestic disturbance and spoke with the couple as they arrived. Pierre advised officers that a physical altercation ensued when he picked up Lucate’s purse to find the keys to their vehicle. Lucate reportedly bit Pierre on the left tricep after snatching her purse from him. Officers observed a visible bite mark, swelling, and minor bleeding on Pierre’s left tricep. Lucate told officers that she bit Pierre so he would let go of her purse because he was throwing items out of it. Officers deemed Lucate as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault.

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