18-year-old Shauna Dobbs stabs boyfriend during altercation

18-year-old Shauna Dobbs was involved in a domestic incident with her boyfriend, Jevon Poe, at their Parc at Clarksville apartment on April 1st. Law enforcement was notified that a female had stabbed a black male and was bleeding out. The victim left the scene but was identified by one of his family members as Jevon Poe. The family member also provided officers with Dobbs’ name and told them where she could be found. Poe was later found at Treeland Drive suffering from a stab wound below his armpit. Poe informed law enforcement that Dobbs woke him up and then stabbed him in his bed. Shortly after, officers made contact with Dobbs at the location Poe’s family member provided. She stated that Poe looked like he was reaching for a knife in the midst of an argument, so she grabbed the knife and then swung “back at him.” Shauna Dobbs was taken into custody and charged with aggravated domestic assault.

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