J’Deshawn Duncan stopped for window tint; police find stolen gun & Marijuana

19-year-old J’Deshawn Duncan was jailed on September 9th after being pulled over on Riverside Drive for having illegal window tints. The front windows were 17%, and the back was 5%; the legal percentage is 35 and above. While officers spoke with Duncan and front-seat passenger Tyson Mullins, they could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Duncan was asked to step out of the vehicle, and officers could smell raw marijuana coming from his person. A vehicle search was conducted, which yielded a tied-off baggie of marijuana in the front seat and a Glock handgun with an extended mag under the seat. There were 16 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. A check through NCIC showed the pistol was stolen out of Davidson County.

A working pistol light/laser and a digital scale were also found under the driver’s seat. In the center console, a fully loaded 9mm Glock magazine was located. Duncan admitted to the pistol being his but denied knowing anything about the narcotics or accessories.

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