Jevell Rucker charged with marijuana after window tint traffic stop

30-year-old Jevell Rucker was pulled over on September 28 just after midnight when officers stated that they could not see into the car through the tint of his windows. While the officer initiated their emergency equipment around mile marker 11.8, they stated that the vehicle came to a stop at Exit 4 Westbound I-24.

When the officer approached the window, they alleged that there was a strong marijuana smell coming from the car. A search of the center console found six grams of marijuana and that Rucker was the only occupant of the car. The officer also claims that the window tint was not legal after being tested with a tint card and window tint meter.

Rucker was booked for evading arrest, simple possession, a window tint violation, and out-of-county warrants that were discovered after the fact.

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