Austin Mellender jailed for felony auto theft & two handguns

18-year-old Austin Michael Mellender is jailed in lieu of a $50,000 bond charged with the theft of a 2020 Ford Escape from Rheann Vera. Officers located him inside the vehicle with two male juveniles, ages 13 and 14, on Pageant Lane with 15 grams of marijuana and a loaded .22 magnum revolver, which was also reported stolen. He attempted to flee during the arrest but was captured after a brief foot chase. A search also revealed a 9mm handgun in the pocket of his hoodie. During an interview, it was learned all three individuals participated in the vehicle theft.

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Eddie Hampton charged after family spat with brother, petty police make arrest

When Clarksville Police Officer Daniel Smith responded to a family squabble Tuesday evening, he would eventually charge 19-year-old Eddie Mark Hampton with underage drinking, possession of a cigarillo, possession of less than 0.5 oz of marijuana, and domestic assault. The reason for the call? Eddie was reportedly arguing with his brother, Ethan Hampton, and “shoved him.” according to a police report. Ethan then pushed him to the ground and out the door of the residence.

Officers located Eddie just down the street and took him into custody for the assault. During the arrest, they located the tiniest amount of marijuana and a cigarillo. Eddie says his brother tackled him, but he did not remember shoving his brother. He says his family gave him the alcohol he was drinking, and the family says he brought it with him to the house.

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Fort Campbell Soldier Colin Brown charged with drag racing, fleeing police at 115 mph

20-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Colin William Brown was one of two vehicles observed by a THP Trooper to be drag racing near Planet Fitness on Fort Campbell Blvd. The Trooper caught up with them near Dover Crossing while using emergency lights and sirens. Brown, who was driving a blue Infiniti, turned off his lights and ‘blacked out’ his vehicle, and fled from the trooper in excess of 115 mph on Dover Road. He then drifted around a dead end and came back toward the trooper and alluded him, escaping into the night. The car was traced back to Colin Brown, and multiple warrants were issued for his arrest. He was booked on those charges on October 28th.

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Amir McCain (FlipPhoneShwty) jailed after fleeing police during April traffic stop

21-year-old Amir Shadon McCain, locally known as rapper FlipPhoneShwty) was jailed this week after being on the run for five months on multiple warrants, including a felony evading arrest/flight charge. In April, an officer was conducting a traffic stop on a Nissan Altima driven by McCain, and as he walked near the vehicle, McCain sped away and was able to evade police until they gave up the chase. Multiple warrants were issued for his arrest, and he was jailed on September 22nd after a new traffic stop for speeding. He is free on a $24,000 bond.

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Duo charged in late-night O’Charley’s misadventure — Tyler Ainsworth & Megan McCollough

Clarksville Police responded to an alarm call at the O’Charley’s on Wilma Rudolph Blvd in the early morning hours of September 19th. ADS Monitoring reported a front door activation at the business. Officers observed 22-year-old Megan McCollough and 20-year-old Tyler Zane Ainsworth in the patio area., and both began to flee on foot when officers identified themselves. After a brief pursuit to terminal drive, both were taken into custody. Ainsworth stated he entered the building, claiming it was unlocked and took three Miller Lite beers, which were located along the path of the foot pursuit. McCollough told police she only entered the restaurant at 1 a.m. on a Monday to use the restroom.

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DUI driver Meagan Goglia flees from CPD, the thought of being behind bars gnawing at her

31-year-old Meagan Goglia successfully fled from Clarksville Police Tuesday on Wilma Rudolph Blvd, after officers attempted to stop the van she was driving as it was swerving across multiple lanes of traffic with no headlights or taillights. As the officer pursued her with lights and sirens activated, she eluded the stop, but not before he got a clear view of her as the driver and the tag number. Later that evening, a deputy noticed the van on Bette Palmyra Road and was aware of the BOLO that had been issued earlier from CPD. Still without any lights, the van was swerving all over the roadway. She stopped for the deputy, who observed her to have vomited all over herself and the vehicle and noted her extreme level of intoxication.

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Lillie Trumpower jailed on $20K bond after shoplifting $3K from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Clarksville Police say 21-year-old Lillie Irene Trumpower ran out of Dick’s Sporting Goods just before 8 p.m. on Tuesday with nearly $3,000 in merchandise. An employee alerted police, who gave chase to Trumpower as she fled out the door and into the parking lot of the Governor’s Square mall. Once she was detained, she refused to be cuffed, and a second unit arrived to assist. She is jailed in lieu of a $20,000 bond.

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Patrick Landers (DJ 730) found puking in front yard after rear-ending cop car in Clarksville

27-year-old Patrick Louwayne Landers, better known in the city as DJ 730XX, rear-ended a police officer on Fort Campbell Blvd just before 4 a.m. on July 22nd and fled the scene driving a red Toyota Camry. A short distance away, as that BOLO was coming across the radio, another officer noticed the Camry with the KY tag and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Landers drove for a short distance as if looking for a place to stop, then suddenly fled at a high rate of speed.

Oak Grove Officers went to the registered address for the tag, and as they arrived, Patrick Landers was throwing up in the front yard. Officers were able to wake up the registered owner, who is Landers’ girlfriend, Checara Bailey, who stated Landers had just arrived home in the vehicle moments before. The vehicle was still warm to the touch.

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James Anthony Jackson fled from police during a traffic stop for no headlights

Officers say 33-year-old James Anthony Jackson was driving on N. Riverside Drive just after 3 a.m. Sunday with no headlights on. As the officer attempted a traffic stop, the black sedan pulled over to indicate he was stopping, then suddenly turned and fled northbound at approximately 60 mph, too dangerous to pursue, so the pursuit was called off at Kraft Street. About two minutes later, the car was observed to be crashed into a tree at Kraft St. & Parham Dr., where a witness had pulled him from the vehicle. Inside the car was a Taurus handgun, an open container of alcohol, and marijuana, a “bag of colorful pills” (some of which tested positive for Fentanyl), and more marijuana was found on him at the hospital.

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Man admits to drinking, actually PASSES field sobriety tests — Zla Holder

Clarksville Police say 30-year-old Zla Holder failed to completely stop at a stop sign on the night of February 12th while driving his silver Ford F-150. As officer Steven Davis initiated a traffic stop and approached the vehicle, Holder fled the vehicle and ran behind a row of houses in the neighborhood. He was located soon after and gave consent to search his vehicle. Officers located an open bottle of Jameson, an open can of Mike’s Twisted Tea, two empty bottles of brandy, and 0.99 grams of marijuana.

Holder admitted to drinking at the casino earlier and consuming some of the Twisted Tea drink. Police say that “due to his ability to run while evading arrest, and successful completion of field sobriety tests” he was not charged with DUI.

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Man gives police his friend’s name in attempt to fool them; it didn’t work — Keaghan Wright arrested

Clarksville Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Jessica Phillips. Inside the passenger seat, a man told police his name was Kyjuan Schambers and came within days of providing the correct birthday for the actual Kyjuan Schambers. Not one to be outsmarted, Officer Matthew Johnson realized the information was fake and as he had the man step out of the vehicle, the man fled. After a short foot pursuit, he was taken into custody and admitted he was really 22-year-old Keaghan Wright. Wright had outstanding warrants for failing to appear for a prior excessive/abusive 911 call case.

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Man fires 6 rounds into girlfriend’s windshield — Christopher Kody Clark $85K bond

19-year-old Christopher Kody Clark faces a variety of charges after police say he shot up his girlfriend’s vehicle which he had taken without permission after she called him multiple times to return it on January 10, and when he did the two got into an argument.

Chelsie Roake says she was standing near the vehicle when he fired from the front porch, placing her in fear for her life.

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Woman punches deputy who pepper sprays her during intake — Zaria Metcalfe

23-year-old Zaria Metcalfe faces multiple charges after fleeing from officers during a suspected DUI traffic stop. Once she was in custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail she refused to change out of her clothing and into a smock, prompting MCSO Officer Luketic to threaten to use chemical spray on her if she didn’t comply.

She continued to refuse and stated: “B*tch, Spray Me!” – and the officers obliged with a “short burst” of chemical spray to her face. As the officer felt she was complying, Zaria Metcalfe punched her in the face.

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