DUI: Ebony Cue jailed after having “a few beers and a few shots” before driving on expired tags

45-year-old New Providence Middle School Teacher’s Assistant Ebony Cue was jailed on December 26th. Police observed a black Kia sedan driving down Dover Road with a dysfunctional tag light. The officer followed the vehicle and made a traffic stop on Ashley Oaks Drive, where officers discovered that the vehicle’s tags had expired on July 31st, 2023. The driver, Ebony Cue, was observed smelling strongly of alcohol and having a difficult time holding her bloodshot eyes open while speaking to the officers. She admitted to drinking “a few beers and a few shots” and taking several different medications, one being Lexapro. Ebony was asked to perform field sobriety tests, on which she performed poorly and was taken into custody. Once at booking, Ebony blew a .033% on a breathalyzer. Officers later discovered that Ebony had a prior DUI in 2017.

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