Patrick Booker steals mother’s Land Rover and flees from police

37-year-old Patrick Booker was caught joyriding in his mother’s white Land Rover on March 13th. Booker’s mother contacted officers and informed them that Booker had knowingly taken her vehicle without permission and would be in the Summit Heights area. She also advised that she was afraid of her son and didn’t know what he was capable of doing to her. Officers located the vehicle, but it sped off down Woodmont before they could conduct a traffic stop. An officer later found the Land Rover back in the Summit Heights area. As the officer approached the vehicle, a black male and a white female jumped from the back seat into the front seats. The officer identified the male as Patrick Booker and advised him to step out of the vehicle multiple times. Booker continuously said, “What for?” and “I didn’t do anything.” As Booker made those statements, he fumbled with different controls on the Land Rover until he set off the car alarm and popped the trunk before finally getting the vehicle in drive and speeding off. Patrick Booker was eventually found, taken into custody, and charged with joyriding and evading arrest.

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