Michael Posey causes over $1000 in damages to girlfriend’s car

21-year-old Michael Posey was involved in an altercation with his girlfriend, Zilayzha Gilliam, at the Cumberland Manor Apartments on February 20th. When officers arrived, they observed Posey in a gold Nissan Versa with the front bumper hanging off the frame. Officers told Posey to exit the vehicle. He complied, but once he got out, he took off, and a short foot chase commenced. An officer chased Posey to Gilliam’s apartment, where he was taken into custody. While the officer was there, Gilliam informed him that she and Posey were in an argument. During the argument, Posey told her that he was going to “mess up her car.” The officer observed that Gilliam’s car seemed to have damage that would amount to more than $1000. Multiple witnesses stated they had seen Posey ram his vehicle into another.

Two hours after the arrest, officers caught Posey throwing a chair against the wall inside the interview room. As a result, the chair leg was bent, and several holes were created in the wall.

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