Kolby Coleman charged after threatening staff at St. Bethlehem Elementary; “Get your kids, ’cause I’m gonna air this place out!”

27-year-old Kolby Mikal Coleman was disorderly at St. Bethlehem Elementary School around noon on October 26th. School Resource Officer Woods spoke with police and advised them that a parent of a child, Coleman, was yelling profanities around the children and was asked to leave by staff. Coleman then stated, “Get your kids, ’cause I’m gonna air this place out!” which was heard by several other parents and staff members, causing them to fear for their safety as he went to the parking lot across the school where officers met him. Coleman was placed into custody, then his wife consented to a search of his vehicle. This search yielded a small amount of marijuana that he admitted belonged to him. Coleman was charged with disorderly conduct and simple possession.

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