DUI: Robert Joyce drinks “3 rum and cokes” before driving, caught with 12 grams of marijuana

56-year-old Robert Joyce was seen driving outside of Jiffy Lube on Fort Campbell Boulevard when a call to the police department reported that he was drunk driving on November 29th. Joyce told the arriving officers that he was trying to get his oil changed, but they noticed that there was an immediate smell of marijuana and alcohol coming from the truck. The officers then observed that Joyce was clearly inebriated. When asked, Joyce said he had three rum and cokes with a shot and a half per drink. But when told to give them a number between one and ten for how drunk he was, Joyce said that he was only a two. He also admitted that he was smoking weed three hours prior and that there was weed in his car. Joyce then consented to do field sobriety tests but was not able to perform all of them due to his arthritis. The tests Joyce was able to do were executed poorly. Officers found around 12 grams of weed in Joyce’s truck. Joyce was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence and simple possession or casual exchange.

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