Spencer Gibson jailed for stalking wife after multiple vandalism incidents

31-year-old Spencer Gibson was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Denisha Cox, at McDaniel Road on September 15th, 2023. During an argument, Gibson started to grab his belongings and pack his stuff. While he was gathering his items, he told Cox that he would “break her teeth and beat her up.” Gibson then threw a candle, shattering a TV in their bedroom. Then, Gibson entered the living room and flung a toy into another TV. Gibson attempted to hit Cox, but she moved back and walked out. This led to Gibson throwing the house key at her and leaving the residence.

On September 26th, Cox reported that Gibson shattered the rear glass window of her grey Chevy Malibu. Cox informed law enforcement that she received a message from Gibson the next day on her daughter’s phone, stating, ” Your mom won’t be happy when she gets home.” When Cox arrived, she found that Gibson had poured bleach on all of her clothes and the clothing of one of her children. Cox noted that Gibson hadn’t lived at their home for “a few weeks” and had left with his property.

On November 11th, Gibson returned after trying to contact Cox all day and trying to start another argument. Gibson arrived at her residence and attempted to use his key to open the door, but Cox locked the deadbolt, causing Gibson’s key to break off in the door. This agitated him, leading him to say he would vandalize her car. Instead of doing that, Gibson threw a rock at her front window, shattering it. Spencer Gibson was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault, aggravated burglary, stalking, and vandalism.

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Rachel Mummert jailed after calling ex over nearly 200 times

28-year-old Rachel Mummert was charged with stalking her ex-boyfriend, Eurtice Allen, on January 2nd. Law Enforcement made contact with Allen, who stated that he had been receiving a copious amount of threatening calls and texts from Mummert. Allen proceeded to provide them with his cell phone call logs, which showed 149 missed phone calls from her on December 31st and 36 missed phone calls on January 1st. While on the scene, officers were able to observe Mummert attempting to call Allen from an unknown number.

During the call, Mummert told him to “come outside right now, you know why,” and then hung up. Allen then informed the officers that earlier in the night, she had called from an unknown number and made threats to come to his house and shoot him. Allen previously blocked Mummert’s phone number and informed her that he did not want to continue contact with her, but due to the continued harassment, Allen had been placed in fear of further acts of aggression from her. Rachel Mummert was taken into custody and charged with stalking.

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William Allen calls wife multiple times every day for months, tells her “I am going to “f*cking kill you b*tch!”

37-year-old William Allen was booked on an outstanding warrant from June 29th for stalking his estranged wife. Devona Allen told police that her estranged husband had called her several times on the phone. In one of the conversations, William told her, “I am going to f*cking kill you b*tch! I will take the kids, and you will never see them again!” When officers asked her if she felt her husband would harm her, she stated that she believed he would. While officers were on scene, William called at least 5-6 times within 30-40 minutes. Devona noted that since June 2nd, 2023, William had called every day without fail. Devona added that William also had a tracking device on her vehicle and tracked her to Nashville. William Allen was taken into custody and charged with stalking on December 28th.

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Angela Smith charged with stalking ex-boyfriend

45-year-old Angela Smith was arrested on September 27th following allegations that she was stalking her ex-boyfriend, Cameron Wagoner. After appearing at Wagner’s residence on September 26th, he stated that he witnessed Angela attempting to coax his children to her vehicle, but she was told to leave by the son.

This follows messages between the victim and defendant where Wagoner asked Smith to stop texting him on three separate occasions. The victim also alleges that there were a number of posters hung around the neighborhood that featured his face alongside images of killers from different movies. While he did not personally witness Smith hanging these posters, he states that his children noticed her vehicle in the neighborhood. Due to this, Wagoner felt he and his family were in immediate danger, so an arrest warrant was issued.

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Steven Retherford stalked ex-girlfriend; she feels ‘terrorized’ per report

45-year-old Steven Retherford was jailed on June 6th after reportedly stalking his ex-girlfriend Nadezhda Veleva. Veleva told police that she had been being terrorized by her ex-boyfriend since they broke up at the beginning of March. She showed police hundreds of unwanted text messages and emails that he sent. Steven also showed up at her house uninvited at least three times. In some of the messages, it was apparent that Steven was watching her home because he was asking whose car was in the driveway and if she was sleeping around on him. Veleva told police that she believes that Steven is unpredictable due to his current mental state.

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Christopher Clouser charged with stalking his adult daughter

48-year-old Christopher Clouser was jailed on April 17, charged with stalking his daughter, Araceli Clouser. She says she has been receiving unwanted calls and texts from her father, despite being told multiple times to stop. More recently, he has begun to appear at the Austin Peay campus, where Araceli attends school, in attempts to locate and talk to her. She says he’s also made threats to harm her pets if she does not move out of her boyfriend’s house and return home to live. On April 17, he reportedly left unwanted gifts at her residence, including a raised garden bed she had built and left at his home, including a signed charge to her from ‘dad.’

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Sean Mock charged with stalking his estranged wife in Clarksville

33-year-old Sean Mock was jailed on April 6th for an incident that initially occurred on April 1st after stalking his estranged wife, Michelle Barry. Mock showed up at O’Reilly’s while his wife was there. She never told him that she was going there, and when he arrived, he demanded that he see her phone, but she refused, so they got into an argument, and she left. Later that day, she started receiving phone calls from Mock, so she blocked his phone number, and he started calling from “no caller ID.” Michelle received a total of 21 calls which she didn’t answer.

While the police were talking to Michelle, Mock called her eight more times in 30 minutes. The police offered to answer the phone for her, but she was afraid it would make matters worse. Then on April 6th Mock continuously sent heart emojis to their old messages to get a reaction out of her. Michelle said he is the only one with access to their message thread, and this violates an active COR.

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Amanda Fletcher charged with stalking her husband, via Xbox Live

30-year-old Amanda Fletcher is charged with stalking after sending repeated messages to her husband, via her Xbox account, “GoatOfYourMind.” On Feb 24th, officers responded to a call on Ridgeway Drive, where Amanda’s husband, Michael Fletcher, was with his friend, Merissa Riches. Amanda drove to the location after Michael didn’t respond to the messages she was sending him on Xbox, which were displayed on the TV in the home, and witnessed by Merissa. Merissa went outside to confront her and demanded she leaves the property. A total of 29 messages were sent within an hour, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

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City won’t investigate touching/sexual harassment complaints on Roxy’s Ryan Bowie; he will continue working with children & the theatre

In the time since a half-dozen complaints have been received about Roxy Theater Director Ryan Bowie, alleging inappropriate touching, assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and inappropriate relationships with actors under his employ, two members of the Roxy’s Board of Directors have now resigned in protest as its own executive committee cleared Bowie of any wrongdoing, despite making changes including an HR director position and an “intimacy choreographer.”

Bowie’s name is closely associated with the Roxy Theatre, the City of Clarksville, and the Children’s Theatre programs; however, the city, led by Mayor Joe Pitts, says they can’t investigate the allegations because he’s not actually a city employee and isn’t bound to any ethics rules the city may have in place.

Emails obtained by Clarksville Today show the Roxy Board determined that “any of the allegations made against Mr. Bowie do not rise to the level of liability from a legal standpoint,” so they would no longer investigate the matter, either.

Citizens have been clear, whether there is a legal liability or not, where there’s smoke, there is likely fire, and this many complaints didn’t happen overnight or from single incidents. Citizens, actors, and even the APSU Threatre program professors have all made it clear — The Roxy can’t continue on its current path with the city and the children’s theatre program with Ryan Bowie at the helm, and if we’re waiting on a “legal liability,” the damage will have already been done to the Roxy & the City of Clarksville. Bowie is an agenda item on Thursday’s City Council Meeting at 4:30 p.m. [more documents inside full story…]

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James Bertram stalks wife, sends her photos from outside her workplace at Youth Academy

Brandi Bertram called police on August 31st to report that her (soon to be ex) husband, 39-year-old James Bertram, had texted her approximately 20 times throughout the day and called her twice during her workday at The Youth Academy – Sango, despite requests to stop. One of the texts stated, “I know you have your watch on,” and demanded a reply. When he received no responses, he went to her workplace and took photographs of her building and sent them to her while stating, “it’s going to be a long few days.”

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Actors say Roxy Theatre Director Ryan Bowie harassed, stalked, touched without consent

An actor at the Roxy Regional Theatre says he and a dozen others have been victims of harassment and inappropriate conduct by Director Ryan Bowie for at least the past year, with some complaints going back much further. In January, after several actors detailed formal complaints, the theatre’s Board of Directors & the Executive Committee admitted “mistakes have been made” and determined that Bowie, along with other staff, would enroll in “extensive HR training,” and someone on-site would be trained as an “Intimacy Choreographer.” Additionally, an HR Director would be appointed. Now that the city is directly involved with the theatre and its liability, the actors, and some city council members, are still concerned about ongoing issues at the downtown Clarksville landmark and are calling for action — they want Bowie removed as the Executive Director, weary of several lawsuit threats involving his actions.

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Jonathan Arnold free on $500 bond after he used Apple Airtag to stalk his ex-girlfriend; per police

Shanai Jett says her ex-boyfriend, 31-year-old Jonathan Arnold, has been randomly showing up at locations when he should not have any reason to know where she’d be at those exact times. She walked out of a Rafferty’s after having dinner with her daughters on June 7th to find him parked next to her car, waiting for her. On the 8th, he appeared at Dunbar Cave State Park while she was there, and later that day at a playground she was visiting.

Jett told police she located an Apple Airtag on her vehicle, and believes that’s how Arnold was locating her. When interviewed, Arnold stated he just happens to be driving by and notices her vehicle as an explanation for each occurrence.

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Robert Price charged with stalking Clarksville woman, free on $500 bond

Police say 30-year-old Robert Price sent a message via social media to a Clarksville woman, at which time she reportedly thanked him for complimenting her, but requested that there be no further communication from him. There were 24 further consecutive messages to the victim until he was blocked from messaging her. The victim says Price then came to her place of employment on 3 separate occasions over a one-week period, but made no purchases and had no other reason to be on the property, causing her to be in further fear and distress. Police charged Price with stalking, and he’s free on a $500 bond.

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Solider uses Apple AirTag in child’s car seat to stalk estranged wife — Benjamin Kern arrested

28-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Benjamin Kern is charged with stalking his estranged wife using an Apple AirTag placed inside the car seat of their child to track her whereabouts. During an interview with police, Kern admitted to placing the AirTag in the car seat. There was an existing military order of protection in place at the time of the incident.

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Clarksville woman charged with stalking after she got a taste — Latoria Smith arrested

Curtis Wade had to contact Clarksville police after he says he had sex with his friend, 38-year-old Latoria Danielle Smith, and now she’s called him 75+ times and sits outside his apartment for hours at a time, despite repeated requests to stop calling and showing up. While police were speaking to Mr. Wade his phone was continuously receiving calls from blocked numbers, and when they arrived at his residence, they found Latoria sitting outside, where she had reportedly been for at least six hours.

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