Christopher Clouser charged with stalking his adult daughter

Christopher Clouser charged with stalking his adult daughter

48-year-old Christopher Clouser was jailed on April 17, charged with stalking his daughter, Araceli Clouser. She says she has been receiving unwanted calls and texts from her father, despite being told multiple times to stop. More recently, he has begun to appear at the Austin Peay campus, where Araceli attends school, in attempts to locate and talk to her. She says he’s also made threats to harm her pets if she does not move out of her boyfriend’s house and return home to live. On April 17, he reportedly left unwanted gifts at her residence, including a raised garden bed she had built and left at his home, including a signed charge to her from ‘dad.’


Christopher Norman Clouser of Challis Dr in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on April 18th, charged with stalking. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $1,000.

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One thought on “Christopher Clouser charged with stalking his adult daughter

  1. So, THIS MAN… RIGHT HERE!!!! GETS ARRESTED AND BOOKED!!!!…IN THIS CLARKSVILLE JAIL!!!! FOR TRYING TO SET HER STRAIGHT!!!!….ABOUT HER SINS OF “SHACKING UP” WITH SOME MAN????? “ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT IF IT WERE ME, MYSELF, AND MINE”, THAT MY “ONE AND ONLY REPLY TO THIS MESS IS THIS”….I SAY….IS THIS”…..I SAY, OH YEA…..OK THEN….”GO HIDE AND WATCH ME”….THEN…..”WATCH AGAIN AS I GET MY “DADDY GROVE ON”…I hear about this kind of horse manure…..going on constantly coming out of some rank amateur Sergeant based in the Precinct that covers the Tennova Hospital area….I “would personally reach out via ANY High exposure media to express” my own POV here..Laws? Yes…But….Barney Fife?? Gimme a break!!! Sorry caps….but….I know of some Good Apples, Great Apples!! Running out of a different Precinct…Here, I just shake my head….and pray a special prayer for all of these Heros in blue…

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