Sean Mock charged with stalking his estranged wife in Clarksville

33-year-old Sean Mock was jailed on April 6th for an incident that initially occurred on April 1st after stalking his estranged wife, Michelle Barry. Mock showed up at O’Reilly’s while his wife was there. She never told him that she was going there, and when he arrived, he demanded that he see her phone, but she refused, so they got into an argument, and she left. Later that day, she started receiving phone calls from Mock, so she blocked his phone number, and he started calling from “no caller ID.” Michelle received a total of 21 calls which she didn’t answer.

While the police were talking to Michelle, Mock called her eight more times in 30 minutes. The police offered to answer the phone for her, but she was afraid it would make matters worse. Then on April 6th Mock continuously sent heart emojis to their old messages to get a reaction out of her. Michelle said he is the only one with access to their message thread, and this violates an active COR.

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Adam Welch eats marijuana during traffic stop on Riverside Drive in Clarksville

Police say 34-year-old Adam Welch was driving for an extended period of time on the center lane on Riverside Drive just after 2 p.m. on January 11 and almost caused an accident with another vehicle. Officers initiated a traffic stop, and Welch produced a revoked driver’s license. Officers ordered him out of the vehicle and noticed green shake on his pants leg. It was quickly realized he had attempted to swallow marijuana. A search of his mouth was conducted, and there was marijuana in his mouth, which was retrieved, and a pack of cigarillos was located inside the vehicle. He was out on bond for two other incidents at the time of his arrest, both of which conditions prohibit him from possessing any controlled substances.

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Steven Louissaint backhands ex-girlfriend, breaking her nose

Police say 26-year-old Steven Louissaint broke the nose of his ex-girlfriend, Shawanda Mason, after she called him a bitch. He was giving Mason and their daughter a ride to the hospital to be seen, as the daughter was sick. On Dover Road, he began to argue about relationship issues and called her names. She responded he was a “bitch,” and he backhanded her, which broke her nose, according to responding medics. In addition to the aggravated domestic assault charge, Loussaint was violating the conditions of his release.

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Aaron Blake Cunningham charged with punching girlfriend in face during argument

35-year-old Aaron Blake Cunningham is charged with domestic assault of his girlfriend, Roslin Gibson, after she says he became angry and threw the blanket/cover off her body, which started an argument. He then reportedly started punching her in the face. Officers responded to the scene and documented some scratches on the victim, and determined Cummingham to be the primary aggressor. After his arrest, Cunningham requested to modify the conditions of his release, which prevented him from being at the residence and communicating with his girlfriend, and a judge denied that request.

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Man fires 6 rounds into girlfriend’s windshield — Christopher Kody Clark $85K bond

19-year-old Christopher Kody Clark faces a variety of charges after police say he shot up his girlfriend’s vehicle which he had taken without permission after she called him multiple times to return it on January 10, and when he did the two got into an argument.

Chelsie Roake says she was standing near the vehicle when he fired from the front porch, placing her in fear for her life.

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Man charged in assault of girlfriend in an argument over work schedule — Tyler Vincent

31-year-old Tyler Vincent is charged with domestic assault after Clarksville Police Officer Timothy Westerlund responded to a North Clarksville home and met with Kayla Finn, who explained her live-in boyfriend picked her up against her will, carried her down the stairs to the living room, and shoved her into the couch. She says he then placed his hand over her mouth and face, making it hard for her to breathe.

Vincent reportedly admitted to shoving her onto the couch, and says the argument was over her work schedule. Vincent is free on a $1,000 bond.

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Domestic Violence Advocate charged in assault of her husband — Heather Goodmancave arrested

30-year-old Heather Goodman-Cave was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on Christmas Day, charged with the domestic assault of her husband, Justin Goodman-Cave, after she reportedly accused him of being unfaithful and assaulted him with her fists and a laptop. She is free on a $250 cash bond.

Goodman has worked with the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, and is a prominent figure in the domestic violence resource community, frequently being the public face of the organization at events. Police noted a history of domestic violence calls between the couple.

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