Clarksville Rapper “Smurf G Da Boss” swings wife around living room by hair during argument – Adam Hamilton

37-year-old Clarksville Rapper “Smurf G Da Boss” aka Adam Hamilton was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Passionell Sims, at their Walnut Street residence on February 17th. After an argument with his mother over the phone, Hamilton told Sims to leave the residence. When Sims didn’t do this, he stood over her and started yelling profanities in her face. Sims pushed Hamilton to get up and put some distance between them. This led to Hamilton grabbing her by the hair and swinging her around the living room. Sims proceeded to retreat to the bathroom for safety. However, Hamilton followed her and again grabbed her, pushing her into the wall. Sims was able to separate herself from Hamilton and go back into the living room to get her phone. While Sims was getting her phone, Hamilton left the residence on foot. Adam Hamilton was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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Quinton Knox charged with public intoxication after at least one Four Loko

31-year-old Quinton Lamont Knox says he drank a Four Loko before Clarksville Police Officer Kevin Przybocki found him near Beech St & E St late Thursday night. Neighbors called the police after they observed Knox stumbling into the roadway and nearly getting hit by a vehicle. Officers say his speech was slurred so badly that he was unable to form any meaningful phrases. He didn’t have a phone to contact anyone to help him, so he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

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Man fires 6 rounds into girlfriend’s windshield — Christopher Kody Clark $85K bond

19-year-old Christopher Kody Clark faces a variety of charges after police say he shot up his girlfriend’s vehicle which he had taken without permission after she called him multiple times to return it on January 10, and when he did the two got into an argument.

Chelsie Roake says she was standing near the vehicle when he fired from the front porch, placing her in fear for her life.

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