Christopher Clark punches holes in wall when child won’t wake up for school

21-year-old Christopher Clark was booked on May 15th on an outstanding warrant after his girlfriend told police that he was screaming at their child and destroying their home. He was upset the child wouldn’t get up and get ready for school, so he started punching multiple holes in the walls and doors of the apartment. He punched a mirror so hard his fist went through it and the drywall behind it. Clark lives with his girlfriend, and the couple has a domestic history.

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Man fires 6 rounds into girlfriend’s windshield — Christopher Kody Clark $85K bond

19-year-old Christopher Kody Clark faces a variety of charges after police say he shot up his girlfriend’s vehicle which he had taken without permission after she called him multiple times to return it on January 10, and when he did the two got into an argument.

Chelsie Roake says she was standing near the vehicle when he fired from the front porch, placing her in fear for her life.

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