Rachel Mummert jailed after calling ex over nearly 200 times

28-year-old Rachel Mummert was charged with stalking her ex-boyfriend, Eurtice Allen, on January 2nd. Law Enforcement made contact with Allen, who stated that he had been receiving a copious amount of threatening calls and texts from Mummert. Allen proceeded to provide them with his cell phone call logs, which showed 149 missed phone calls from her on December 31st and 36 missed phone calls on January 1st. While on the scene, officers were able to observe Mummert attempting to call Allen from an unknown number.

During the call, Mummert told him to “come outside right now, you know why,” and then hung up. Allen then informed the officers that earlier in the night, she had called from an unknown number and made threats to come to his house and shoot him. Allen previously blocked Mummert’s phone number and informed her that he did not want to continue contact with her, but due to the continued harassment, Allen had been placed in fear of further acts of aggression from her. Rachel Mummert was taken into custody and charged with stalking.

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