Spencer Gibson jailed for stalking wife after multiple vandalism incidents

31-year-old Spencer Gibson was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Denisha Cox, at McDaniel Road on September 15th, 2023. During an argument, Gibson started to grab his belongings and pack his stuff. While he was gathering his items, he told Cox that he would “break her teeth and beat her up.” Gibson then threw a candle, shattering a TV in their bedroom. Then, Gibson entered the living room and flung a toy into another TV. Gibson attempted to hit Cox, but she moved back and walked out. This led to Gibson throwing the house key at her and leaving the residence.

On September 26th, Cox reported that Gibson shattered the rear glass window of her grey Chevy Malibu. Cox informed law enforcement that she received a message from Gibson the next day on her daughter’s phone, stating, ” Your mom won’t be happy when she gets home.” When Cox arrived, she found that Gibson had poured bleach on all of her clothes and the clothing of one of her children. Cox noted that Gibson hadn’t lived at their home for “a few weeks” and had left with his property.

On November 11th, Gibson returned after trying to contact Cox all day and trying to start another argument. Gibson arrived at her residence and attempted to use his key to open the door, but Cox locked the deadbolt, causing Gibson’s key to break off in the door. This agitated him, leading him to say he would vandalize her car. Instead of doing that, Gibson threw a rock at her front window, shattering it. Spencer Gibson was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault, aggravated burglary, stalking, and vandalism.

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