Robert Price charged with stalking Clarksville woman, free on $500 bond

Police say 30-year-old Robert Price sent a message via social media to a Clarksville woman, at which time she reportedly thanked him for complimenting her, but requested that there be no further communication from him. There were 24 further consecutive messages to the victim until he was blocked from messaging her. The victim says Price then came to her place of employment on 3 separate occasions over a one-week period, but made no purchases and had no other reason to be on the property, causing her to be in further fear and distress. Police charged Price with stalking, and he’s free on a $500 bond.

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Woman punches deputy who pepper sprays her during intake — Zaria Metcalfe

23-year-old Zaria Metcalfe faces multiple charges after fleeing from officers during a suspected DUI traffic stop. Once she was in custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail she refused to change out of her clothing and into a smock, prompting MCSO Officer Luketic to threaten to use chemical spray on her if she didn’t comply.

She continued to refuse and stated: “B*tch, Spray Me!” – and the officers obliged with a “short burst” of chemical spray to her face. As the officer felt she was complying, Zaria Metcalfe punched her in the face.

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