Woman with COVID, Rebecca Sealy, charged after coughing on husband to spread virus

31-year-old Rebecca Lee Sealy, who describes herself as a “Dom Fem” online, was jailed Tuesday after her husband, Ted Sealy, told police they were in the car together when she reached over and stuck two of her fingers in his mouth, pushing down on the back of his tongue, and coughed on him. Sealy reportedly recently tested positive for COVID-19, and her husband says she was purposefully coughing on him to spread the virus. Ted stated he felt assaulted and disrespected by his wife’s actions.

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Solider Markita Hollis charged in felony aggravated assault of their significant other

27-year-old Markita Denita Hollis is charged with the felony aggravated assault of their significant other, Blair Smith. The victim called 911 after she said the couple had a verbal argument that was escalating, but Hollis attempted to take the phone away from her. During the struggle, Hollis reportedly grabbed the hood of the victim’s clothing, restricting her breathing. She says Hollis then grabbed an item and attempted to hit her with it. Hollis says they was only attempting to take the phone as they were paying for it.

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City won’t investigate touching/sexual harassment complaints on Roxy’s Ryan Bowie; he will continue working with children & the theatre

In the time since a half-dozen complaints have been received about Roxy Theater Director Ryan Bowie, alleging inappropriate touching, assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and inappropriate relationships with actors under his employ, two members of the Roxy’s Board of Directors have now resigned in protest as its own executive committee cleared Bowie of any wrongdoing, despite making changes including an HR director position and an “intimacy choreographer.”

Bowie’s name is closely associated with the Roxy Theatre, the City of Clarksville, and the Children’s Theatre programs; however, the city, led by Mayor Joe Pitts, says they can’t investigate the allegations because he’s not actually a city employee and isn’t bound to any ethics rules the city may have in place.

Emails obtained by Clarksville Today show the Roxy Board determined that “any of the allegations made against Mr. Bowie do not rise to the level of liability from a legal standpoint,” so they would no longer investigate the matter, either.

Citizens have been clear, whether there is a legal liability or not, where there’s smoke, there is likely fire, and this many complaints didn’t happen overnight or from single incidents. Citizens, actors, and even the APSU Threatre program professors have all made it clear — The Roxy can’t continue on its current path with the city and the children’s theatre program with Ryan Bowie at the helm, and if we’re waiting on a “legal liability,” the damage will have already been done to the Roxy & the City of Clarksville. Bowie is an agenda item on Thursday’s City Council Meeting at 4:30 p.m. [more documents inside full story…]

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Actors say Roxy Theatre Director Ryan Bowie harassed, stalked, touched without consent

An actor at the Roxy Regional Theatre says he and a dozen others have been victims of harassment and inappropriate conduct by Director Ryan Bowie for at least the past year, with some complaints going back much further. In January, after several actors detailed formal complaints, the theatre’s Board of Directors & the Executive Committee admitted “mistakes have been made” and determined that Bowie, along with other staff, would enroll in “extensive HR training,” and someone on-site would be trained as an “Intimacy Choreographer.” Additionally, an HR Director would be appointed. Now that the city is directly involved with the theatre and its liability, the actors, and some city council members, are still concerned about ongoing issues at the downtown Clarksville landmark and are calling for action — they want Bowie removed as the Executive Director, weary of several lawsuit threats involving his actions.

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Kristofer Batson charged after assaulting ex-boyfriend with kitchen pot, threatening his life

Officers responded to a home on Martin Street on Monday evening where Michael Leftwich told police that his roommate/ex-boyfriend 35-year-old Kristofer Tosh Batson had been threatening him when he arrived home. He stated Batson was following him around the house, asking for his car keys, and then asking to be taken to the hospital. Leftwich Batson threatened to kill him and then hit him with a kitchen pot before taking the keys and fleeing in Leftwich’s car. Officers issued a warrant for his arrest, and he was taken into custody Wednesday.

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Clarksville TikTok lovers duel it out during dirty breakup — Giovanna Dalessandro & Avery Holt

A Clarksville TikTok duo with around 5 million combined fans across their platforms each found themselves in a Clarksville, TN, jail this week, only hours apart. The former lovers, 21-year-old Giovanna Linda Marie Dalessandro & 20-year-old Avery Noverra Holt, who lived together at Kirkwood Place, recently broke up, and ‘Gio’ returned to Texas. This week Gio returned with a posse that included his mother and a diva with alleged brass knuckles to retrieve some of his belongings, and things quickly escalated, landing three people in jail after police say Gio brandished a handgun and Gio’s mother says she was assault by Avery.

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Dézhan Dillard charged in assault of boyfriend, Devionne Wright; douses cigar with water

21-year-old Dézhan Dillard (Dézhan James Marcellis Dillard) was reportedly upset about something, and when his boyfriend, Devionne G. Wright, laughed about it, Dézhan poured water on the cigar he was smoking. Wright tossed his keys at Dézhan, and then the two tussled. A witness attempted to separate the lovers until Dézhan reportedly grabbed a knife and threatened to cut Devionne, and swung and struck the witness.

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Tequila Towns assaults girlfriend when she brings a 3rd woman home for them to share

Clarksville Police responded to a potential entanglement-in-progress at the Landings at Riverside Apartments on March 28th. Erin Brown told police that her girlfriend, 22-year-old Ft. Campbell Soldier Tequila Towns had brought her friend, Chianti Simmons, to the apartment and asked Towns if the three of them could have sexual relations together, which started an argument, resulting in Brown demanding that Towns leave the apartment.

As Brown was packing up Towns’ things, Towns reportedly pushed Brown and strangled her in a chokehold until she was unable to breathe, and officers document petechia in both eyes of the victim. The potential thruple applicant, Simmons, told police she heard some type of struggle coming from the bedroom and decided to call 911 when she says Towns was on top of Brown, assaulting her.

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Kenneth Brooks charged after stabbing roommate’s bedroom door when he won’t come out

20-year-old Kenneth Brooks is charged with the aggravated domestic assault of their roommate, Taylor Callis after another roommate, James Cox, called 911 to report the two were fighting. Brooks reportedly came home drunk and began to yell at Callis, and swung at him. Brooks then reportedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and beat on Callis’ bedroom door and stabbed through the door with the knife. Callis remained in his room until officers arrived on scene and determined it was safe for him to come out.

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Clarksville Pornhub Model charged with crystal meth possession — Greyson Dean-Poirier

31-year-old Greyson Dean-Poirer was being transported by medics on February 10th and consented to a search by Clarksville Police. Officers located a small clear baggie containing crystal methamphetamine. Officers also located a second baggie containing meth inside a cigarette pack which Dean-Poirer had discarded nearby.

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Man says roommate assaulted him when he refused his sexual advances on Valentine’s Day — Devante Ruffin

25-year-old Devante LaDavid Ruffin is charged with the felony aggravated domestic assault of his roommate, Richard Smith. Just before midnight on Valentine’s Day, Smith says Ruffin approached him at their shared apartment, demanding sexual favors from him. When Smith declined his advances, he says Ruffin grabbed him by the neck, assaulted him, and broke a liquor bottle across his face. Police documented an injury to the side of the victim’s face and bruising around his neck.

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Palmyra man charged in assault of his boyfriend — Johnathon Brown arrested

26-year-old Johnathon Brown is charged with the domestic assault of his boyfriend, Daniel Senft, after he reportedly placed grabbed him from the rear of his hoodie and placed him in a headlock during an argument when Daniel brought him food. A neighbor, Crystal Brown, witnessed the assault and called police. Brown wouldn’t come to the door when police arrived but was eventually booked into jail on the open warrant on Tuesday.

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