Soldier Eli Jeter charged in domestic assault of girlfriend while attempting to take her phone

19-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Eli Jeter was jailed on May 1 after police say he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Lamarianna Scrivens. The two were reportedly in an argument while inside her car at the Bluffs over the Cumberland apartment complex. She called 911 to report he assaulted her and fled the complex. Officers were able to locate Jeter, who says they were arguing about ‘relationship issues,’ and he grabbed her by her shoulders and arms to pull her toward him in an attempt to take her cell phone out from her.

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Fort Campbell’s Blake Wilson assaults wife; attacks family dog with Swiffer Sweeper

42-year-old Army Senior Operations Manager Blake Wilson was jailed on May 7, charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Heather Wilson. Police say an argument started after Blake attacked his wife’s emotional support dog with a Swiffer Sweeper, hitting the dog multiple times in what he called “punishment.” As she screamed for him to stop hitting the dog, he became angrier and reportedly raised his hand at his wife, placing her in immediate fear of being struck as he turned to face her with an open palm. Their juvenile daughter witnessed both assaults.

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Ciara Mack attacks husband after he reports her cheating to her chain of command

26-year-old Ciara Marie Yvonne Mack, a Soldier at Fort Campbell, was jailed on March 21st for attacking her husband after he alerted her chain of command of her Infidelity. Malcolm Mack told police that he and his wife are separated but still living together. They have had an argument in the past about Ciara’s infidelity that led to police involvement. Malcolm said he was asleep this time when Ciara came to his room to wake him up to watch their child. When he finally opened the door, Ciara had her phone flashlight on and was in his face recording him.

Malcolm had gone to Ciara’s chain of command earlier that day and told them about her infidelity and that he was filing for divorce. While they were arguing they started fighting over the possession of the phone. According to Malcolm, Ciara jumped on his back to try to get her phone back. Police say that based on the statements and evidence, Ciara was deemed the aggressor and taken into custody.

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Roommates jailed after brawl: Dalton Konitzer & Patrick Adams

21-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Dalton Konitzer & 34-year-old roommate, Patrick Adams, were both charged with domestic assault late Saturday night after police responded to a brawl between the two. During an argument, Dalton says Patrick came close to him and was “bowing up his shoulders” in an aggressive stance, so he pushed him and told him to step back 3-4 times. Patrick says Dalton came into his room shouting for him to get out of his house. Officers determined both to be aggressors and took them into custody.

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Soldier Justin Stacey charged with tackling roommate in laundry room in footwear fight

Abdoul Bado contacted police after he said his 22-year-old roommate, soldier Justin Stacey, tackled him to the ground in the laundry room. The two were in an argument over Justin wearing his boots in the house. The verbal argument escalated as Justed entered the laundry room and reportedly tackled Bado to the ground. Justin told officers he only tackled his roommate because he felt he was being blocked in the laundry room, and he wished to exit and said he was hit in the face by Badu during the fight. Officers determined Justin was the instigator and took him into custody.

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DeAsia ‘Dee’ Brown charged after assaulting wife, punching her

20-year-old DeAsia “Dee” Louise Brown was arrested and charged with domestic assault on December 11th after attempting to stop her wife from leaving the home. According to police reports, Mrs. Brown attempted to stop her wife from removing her property from their home off Ted A Crozier Sr Blvd by grabbing the chain around her wife’s neck and pulling on her jacket so hard it ripped. Once her wife made it outside to her car, Brown proceeded to assault her again “with two punches to the neck and shoulder area.”

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Soldier Brandon Martin pushes wife into laundry basket during argument

26-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Brandon Matthew Martin was in an argument with his wife, Kristen Martin, late Friday evening in their bedroom. She says the argument escalated and moved to the living room of the home, where he yelled and screamed at her. He reportedly approached her aggressively, causing her to push him to keep him away. In response to the pushes, she says Brandon threw her onto the floor and into a clothes basket.

She got up and punched him in the chest before the fight ended. Brandon claimed the argument was only verbal, and nothing occurred. He was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

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Nathan Hallett charged in front porch assault of his wife & her phone

Heather Hallett says her 27-year-old husband, Nathan Lee Hallett, started an argument with her on the front porch of their Clearwater Drive home on November 9th. During the argument, she says he demanded her phone, and when she would not give it to him, he grabbed her arm and moved his shoulder to her face while continuing to demand the phone. Heather says she was in fear and was afraid he would hurt her if she didn’t surrender the phone to him. Nathan reportedly forced the phone from her and shattered it on the ground. During questioning, Nathan stated he never put his hands on his wife, and he must have dropped the phone during the argument but never threw it on the ground.

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Soldier Ana Jackson grabs boyfriend’s genitals during drunken assault

Jeremy Snyder told police that he had been drinking with his 22-year-old girlfriend, Fort Campbell soldier Ana Lin Jackson, and got into a verbal dispute that quickly became physical. He says she began to hit him on the chest and grabbed his neck and grabbed his genitals during the assault. Officers observed marks and scratches all over his body due to the assault. Ana stated she had been drunk, and there had been an initial dispute and volunteered she had started a second argument.

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Solider Markita Hollis charged in felony aggravated assault of their significant other

27-year-old Markita Denita Hollis is charged with the felony aggravated assault of their significant other, Blair Smith. The victim called 911 after she said the couple had a verbal argument that was escalating, but Hollis attempted to take the phone away from her. During the struggle, Hollis reportedly grabbed the hood of the victim’s clothing, restricting her breathing. She says Hollis then grabbed an item and attempted to hit her with it. Hollis says they was only attempting to take the phone as they were paying for it.

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Soldier La’Joy Curry charged with assaulting her lover while her husband records it all

What in the #thruple? 22-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier La’Joy Unique Curry told police that her friend & sexual partner, Lester Johnson, had assaulted her on October 30th on Tynewood Drive.

Police arrived, and she explained she was visiting Johnson’s apartment and found another woman’s clothing in his apartment. She claimed Johnson hit, choked, and shoved her around the apartment.

Police note that her husband recorded the entire altercation between his wife and her lover, and the video did not support her account. The video revealed La’Joy Curry was the assailant and punched, kicked, and shoved her lover, Lester Johnson, while her husband looked on.

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Amber Vredenburgh charged in assault of husband soldier days after he returns from deployment

Days after Soldier Zachary Vredenburgh returned home from deployment, his wife, 36-year-old Amber Vredenburgh, went through his phone while he slept at 9:30 a.m. on Monday. She says she found text messages that showed he was cheating during the time you were deployed. She says this caused an argument throughout the day. As officers interviewed both parties, Zach explained that when she woke him up to confront him, she slapped him across the face and pushed him, which started the verbal argument.

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Fort Campbell Soldier Eric Gonzalez charged in assault of girlfriend… yet again

Just three months after the last aggravated domestic violence charge against 42-year-old Eric Gonzalez was dismissed with costs when the victim didn’t testify, Clarksville Police yet again responded to the Sikorsky Lane residence this week. The same victim, Allison Hansen, advised she and Gonzalez, who is her boyfriend of seven years, had a physical altercation during which he head-butted her and punched her in the face. Officers documented injuries, and as they were attempting to detain Gonzalez for questioning, he refused to be cuffed and grabbed the vest of a Clarksville police officer, and attempted to twist him around to evade being detained.

Additional officers arrived, and Gonzalez was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest. In the prior incident, police found Hansen hiding in a closet on the lower level of the home after he had pointed a pistol at her head, upset that she was out later than he approved of.

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He said, she said, everyone goes to jail — Danielle Carini & Cole Carini

22-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Cole Carini called 911 after an hours-long argument with his wife, 23-year-old Danielle Carini. He says the argument escalated, and she began to hit him repeatedly and spit on him. He told police that when he attempted to block the spray of spit, he may have accidentally made contact with her face. She says that during the altercation, he punched her in the jaw with a closed fist. Due to both parties alleging the other instigated the physical assaults, both were jailed.

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Fort Campbell Soldier Curtis Sumner charged with two counts of domestic assault against girlfriend

22-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Curtis Lee Sumner now faces two domestic assault charges after his girlfriend, Trinity Jay, says she felt assaulted when he pushed her with his hand on her chest while arguing about their relationship. Additionally, she says that at about 5 p.m. on that same day, he kicked her on the left side of her body during an argument.

Officers spoke with Sumner, who says he left to stay at the barracks before things escalated. Trinity Jay refused to provide a written statement, and officers did not observe any visible signs of injury. Sumner returned to the scene and provided a statement to officers, and was taken into custody on two counts of domestic assault.

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Soldier charged after yanking steering wheel, causing wife to wreck vehicle — Travon Weaver

22-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Travon ‘Tray’ Weaver is jailed in lieu of a $16,000 bond after he was reportedly riding home from Fort Cambell Blvd with his wife, Haley Hall Weaver, driving and two children (one age 2 years, one age 7 months) inside the vehicle. The couple reportedly got into an argument, and Weaver yanked the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to swerve while they were near exit 11. Once they got into their neighborhood, he reportedly yanked the steering wheel again, causing the vehicle to spin out and roll into a neighbor’s yard. Haley says she was holding the infant after she exited the car, and Travon then pushed her to the ground.

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Fort Campbell soldier Christian Davis charged with felony aggravated assault of his wife

19-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Christian Davis is now charged with felony aggravated domestic assault after his wife, Nisha Davis, advised he slapped her in the face and then strangled her on July 11th during an argument. She states she began to black out as he continued to strangle her, and officers documented visible injuries on her neck consistent with strangulation.

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