Fort Cambell Soldier Graham Miller charged in assault of wife

22-year-old Graham Miller is charged is the assault of his wife, Joanna Miller, at their State Line Road apartment on June 2. She told police the two were in a verbal argument over marital issues when he suddenly and forcibly took the keys to a shared vehicle from her hands. He then took the glasses from her face and toss them across the room. She said this repeated three times while he stood in the doorway, telling her she couldn’t leave. She then punched him in an attempt to escape and ripped a necklace from his neck. He then ripped a necklace from her neck. She says he also noticed a bracelet on her wrist and ripped it away, too. He then took her phone and placed it outside the apartment, and stated she needed to leave the residence. She left and called 911. Graham was determined to be the primary aggressor and was transported to jail.

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