Carlos Ulysses Aegueta strangles girlfriend during argument over relationship

38-year-old Carlos Argueta was booked on August 30th for assaulting his girlfriend on Terrier Way after an argument about relationship issues. According to Mary Wolfenbarger, their argument turned violent when Carlos lunged at her and strangled her with both hands until she couldn’t breathe. Mary tried to get away from Carlos but tripped over a footstool and fell, causing him to fall on top of her.

Once Carlos was on top of Mary, he wouldn’t let her up. When she was finally able to move, she ran to the front door to escape, but he caught her and slammed the door, so she quickly ran to the backdoor and was able to exit and run to the neighbors for help. No one answered at the first house she went to, so she ran to another neighbor, Nora Manning, who called 911 after hearing Mary screaming for help.

While the neighbor called the police, Mary saw Carlos leaving their house with their 4-year-old son. She ran over to the vehicle Carlos put their son in and hit it repeatedly while screaming to give her son back, but he left before police arrived. Officers later spoke with Carlos over the phone and advised he turn himself in at the station.

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Cody Miracle assaults woman who denied him sex, police say

29-year-old Cody Miracle was jailed on July 29th for assaulting his child’s mother when she wouldn’t have sex with him. Mariann Key told police that she had met up with Cody to speak about the COR on file, with their child being the protected party. According to Mariann, Cody became irate during the conversation and told her that she couldn’t leave until she had sex with him. He began removing her clothes and she tried to call the police so he snatched her phone and broke it. Cody then pinned her down by her hands and neck. When police arrived at his house on Jeffrey Drive, he barricaded himself in the home and refused to answer the door.

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Ryan Dewerff throws flamingo flower pot at wife while driving down the road

41-year-old Ryan Dewerff was jailed on July 21st after allegedly attempting to assault his wife with a flamingo flowerpot during an argument that started on Crossland Avenue. The argument started when Ryan went to an address on Elder Street to pick up the truck that he needed for work. His wife, Jessica Dewerff had been using the truck and was upset that he was taking it, so they got into an argument. She hopped in the back seat of the truck and refused to exit when her husband asked her to, so he began to drive to their house in Ashland City.

According to Jessica, she told her husband not to take the truck, but he got in the driver’s seat anyway, so she got in the back seat. She asked him to turn around and take her back to the house she was staying at. He circled the block, pulled up to that house, and acted as if he were going to let her out but drove off again before she had the chance. They argued while Ryan drove down the road, and then he threw a flower pot toward Jessica; she was sitting behind him so she wasn’t hit with it, but she believed he meant to harm her, so she called 911 while in the backseat to report it. During the call, she was heard asking Ryan to stop the truck several times. Police made the traffic stop near Meadowhill Lane and observed dirt on Jessica’s face and neck from the flower pot.

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Trevonda Tusie assaults ex-lover while driving, crashes into another car

44-year-old Trevonda Tusie was jailed on July 11th after assaulting her ex-boyfriend while driving and causing a crash on Trenton Road. She told police that Dontaive Jackson grabbed the steering wheel during an argument causing them to crash into another car. Jackson told police that prior to the fight over the steering wheel, Tusie hit him in the face and scratched his neck. Police observed a bruise on his left cheek and red abrasions on the left side of his neck. Jackson reportedly tried to get out of the car after he was hit to avoid any further conflict, but Tusie sped up, preventing him from exiting.

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Fort Cambell Soldier Graham Miller charged in assault of wife

22-year-old Graham Miller is charged is the assault of his wife, Joanna Miller, at their State Line Road apartment on June 2. She told police the two were in a verbal argument over marital issues when he suddenly and forcibly took the keys to a shared vehicle from her hands. He then took the glasses from her face and toss them across the room. She said this repeated three times while he stood in the doorway, telling her she couldn’t leave. She then punched him in an attempt to escape and ripped a necklace from his neck. He then ripped a necklace from her neck. She says he also noticed a bracelet on her wrist and ripped it away, too. He then took her phone and placed it outside the apartment, and stated she needed to leave the residence. She left and called 911. Graham was determined to be the primary aggressor and was transported to jail.

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Soldier Timothy Lee locks wife in vehicle: “I’m not going to let you leave me!”

Shelby Lee says her husband, 28-year-old Soldier Timothy Lee, held her against her will inside their vehicle in the parking lot of Golly G’s on Madison Street in Clarksville. She says Timothy was given a pass from Fort Campbell for Father’s Day weekend, and the couple and their four children all celebrated by going to Golly G’s.

While in the parking lot she says he locked the door of the vehicle and refused to unlock or open the doors when asked. With her locked inside, he reportedly stated “I’m not going to let you leave me” and she was eventually able to escape the vehicle as it was in motion as he began to drive off.

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Justin Corey McDaniel charged with assault of girlfriend after drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonades

36-year-old Justin McDaniel reportedly drank 2 Mike’s Hard Lemonades prior to grabbing his girlfriend by her arms inside a garage on Twin River Road and yanking her out of a vehicle in which she was sitting. Once she was on the ground, she says McDaniel got on top of her, grabbed her wrist, and threw a bucket at her before fleeing inside the house with her phone and keys. When she attempted to call police, he hid her keys and phone and attempted to prevent her from leaving. McDaniel says he was the victim as she came into the garage mad and attempted to hurt him.

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Nashville Fire Dept. Paramedic Nicholas French charged with domestic assault in Clarksville

38-year-old Nashville Fire Department Paramedic Nicholas French was arrested at his Clarkville home after his girlfriend, Amanda Wenzel, says he was intoxicated and took her phone from the nightstand and hit her in the face with it while trying to use her face to unlock the phone so he could read her text messages. He reportedly then grabbed her and placed both arms behind her back and shoved her face into a wall. He is currently using vacation days for his assigned NFD shifts until the matter is adjudicated.

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Woman escapes via bedroom window after boyfriend, Robert Sikes, assaults her

Clarksville Police say 34-year-old Robert Sikes was in a verbal argument with his girlfriend, Brianna Teague, about their relationship on Valentine’s Day, and when things began to get physical he reportedly took her phone, so she attempted to use his phone to call 911. Before she could complete the call he held her in a bear-hug for multiple minutes, and eventually escalated to placing her in a headlock. As she was losing consciousness, he took his phone from her and released his grip on her. She attempted to run out the front door, but he continued to block her path, so eventually escaped through a bedroom window, and retreated to a neighbor’s home where she called 911.

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