Carlos Ulysses Aegueta strangles girlfriend during argument over relationship

38-year-old Carlos Argueta was booked on August 30th for assaulting his girlfriend on Terrier Way after an argument about relationship issues. According to Mary Wolfenbarger, their argument turned violent when Carlos lunged at her and strangled her with both hands until she couldn’t breathe. Mary tried to get away from Carlos but tripped over a footstool and fell, causing him to fall on top of her.

Once Carlos was on top of Mary, he wouldn’t let her up. When she was finally able to move, she ran to the front door to escape, but he caught her and slammed the door, so she quickly ran to the backdoor and was able to exit and run to the neighbors for help. No one answered at the first house she went to, so she ran to another neighbor, Nora Manning, who called 911 after hearing Mary screaming for help.

While the neighbor called the police, Mary saw Carlos leaving their house with their 4-year-old son. She ran over to the vehicle Carlos put their son in and hit it repeatedly while screaming to give her son back, but he left before police arrived. Officers later spoke with Carlos over the phone and advised he turn himself in at the station.

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