Sophia Armenti lies to police multiple times about assaulting boyfriend

37-year-old Sophia Armenti was jailed on December 24th after assaulting her boyfriend on Piney Drive. When police arrived on the scene, Armenti and Ryan Taylor both made allegations of assault. Officers noted, “Both parties were at a level of intoxication that would be considered belligerent.” Both parties changed their stories and series of events numerous times. Officers also observed both parties to have similar abrasions and bruises. Armenti stated that Mr. Taylor became upset for an unknown reason and threatened to kill her and her children. She then attempted to leave the living room to check on her children, but Mr. Taylor stopped her and threw her across the room before holding her to the floor and refusing to let her leave. According to Armenti, she finally convinced Mr. Taylor to allow her to use the restroom. Once inside the restroom, she jumped out the window. Police noted that there was no window in the bathroom. She then changed her story and said she left the house when Mr. Taylor went to the restroom.

When police got Mr. Taylor’s side of the story, he said that Armenti became upset for an unknown reason, put herself on the floor, and started to cry. At that point, he tried to leave the house, but she stopped him by shoving him against a wall, trying to hit and scratch him while stating that if he left, she would call the police to get him in trouble. Police noted that Mr. Taylor’s story changed numerous times as well. Police could not determine a singular primary aggressor. Due to both party’s level of intoxication and inability to provide details of the incident, they were both taken into custody and booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

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