Tawon Shaw jailed after forcefully pulling down his girlfriend’s undergarments

25-year-old Tawon Shaw was jailed on December 26th after forcefully pulling down his girlfriend’s undergarments. Police responded to Eagles Nest Lane in response to a violation of Shaw’s conditions of release. Princess Raine advised that she watched her boyfriend of two years pull into her driveway and enter her home with a key he had. She ran upstairs to the bathroom, where he approached her and pulled her sweatpants and undergarments down, exposing her private areas. He continued to pull her pants down, and she believed it was to check if she had been sexually active before his arrival. A search through NCIC showed an active COR, and a warrant for sexual battery was petitioned for. The couple has a previous history of domestic assault as well. Tawon Shaw was taken into custody and charged with three counts of contempt, two counts of aggravated assault, sexual battery, and false imprisonment.

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