Soldier Austin Hagerty charged with assaulting his wife as she wants time away from him

26-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Austin Hagerty was jailed on September 8th after assaulting his wife when she tried to leave for Kentucky with their son. Kayla Haggerty told police that she and her husband were in the process of getting divorced and had been arguing constantly. To avoid arguing all weekend, she decided she would stay with her parents, who live near Fort Knox. Kayla came home from work and began packing bags for their child and herself.

Austin told her she wasn’t going anywhere with their son due to him having to get stitches removed at BACH the next day. Kayla then called BACH to ask about getting the stitches removed, which they advised could be done by an urgent care or on post at Fort Knox. Kayla grabbed her bags and began going downstairs, where Austin followed and continued telling her she wasn’t taking his son anywhere. She finally made her way out the door and to the car, where she placed her son in his seat. Austin reached over her while she was bent over and grabbed her and his son’s arm, causing them to spin out of the vehicle.

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