Ciara Mack attacks husband after he reports her cheating to her chain of command

26-year-old Ciara Marie Yvonne Mack, a Soldier at Fort Campbell, was jailed on March 21st for attacking her husband after he alerted her chain of command of her Infidelity. Malcolm Mack told police that he and his wife are separated but still living together. They have had an argument in the past about Ciara’s infidelity that led to police involvement. Malcolm said he was asleep this time when Ciara came to his room to wake him up to watch their child. When he finally opened the door, Ciara had her phone flashlight on and was in his face recording him.

Malcolm had gone to Ciara’s chain of command earlier that day and told them about her infidelity and that he was filing for divorce. While they were arguing they started fighting over the possession of the phone. According to Malcolm, Ciara jumped on his back to try to get her phone back. Police say that based on the statements and evidence, Ciara was deemed the aggressor and taken into custody.

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Brian Holycross charged in assault of daughters over smoking weed inside the house

40-year-old Brian Keith Holycross is currently jailed in lieu of a $2,000 bond after assaulting his juvenile daughters during an argument over smoking marijuana inside the house. Mr. Holycross says he was confronting his oldest juvenile daughter about the situation, and at some point, he threw a basketball into her face. Hearing the commotion, his youngest daughter then came down the stairs, and all three got into a fistfight, with the children landing multiple punches and scrapes and scratches to their father’s face.

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