Soldier Justin Malcolm punches girlfriend; smacks her juvenile brother

24-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Justin Malcolm was booked last week after having a fistfight with his wife at her apartment on Tiny Town Road. Taja Murry told police she saw text messages to other women on her laptop, so she took the laptop and went back to her apartment. When Justin shows up to get his laptop back, she invites him in and punches him as he enters. They continue to fight throughout the house. She claims at some point, Justin put her in a headlock, and she had to bite his arm to get free. The video shows the two going upstairs, where he asks for his laptop, but it was already hidden by Taja’s minor brother.

Taja tells Justin to leave the room, but he doesn’t and puts her in a headlock again, so her younger brother tries to defend her and begins punching Justin. Video footage shows all three individuals making their way downstairs. The minor was standing off to the side, and when Justin got downstairs, he smacked the minor so hard in the face he fell back against a wall. Then Taja and Justin make their way outside, engaged in a full fistfight.

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Fort Campell soldier Taja Murry punches husband in face over text messages

24-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Taja Murry was booked last week for assaulting her husband after she saw text messages to other women on his laptop. She took the laptop and went to her apartment on Tiny Town Road, where he arrived asking for his laptop back. Murry invites her husband in multiple times, and when he finally agrees to enter, she punches him in the face twice. This attack was caught on Murry’s Ring doorbell. The two tussles and make their way to the back o the living room, where the camera no longer captures them. Her husband, Justin Malcolm, makes his way upstairs and finally gets his laptop back. They make their way outside, where they are seen on camera fighting each other with closed fists.

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