Natalia Head breaks into home, assaults residents

22-year-old Natalia Head was booked on July 2nd after entering a home on Lynnwood Circle without permission. The victim told police that Natalia entered the home yelling and started an argument about kids sleeping on the floor. According to the victim, Natalia then went over to her bed, kicked her in the chest, and pulled her hair. The victim screamed for her boyfriend, Mr. Parker. He pulled Natalia off of his girlfriend, and she went into the living room and threw the victim’s TV on the floor, breaking it. A witness on the scene told police that she heard Natalia yelling and throwing the TV on the floor. Natalia and Mr. Parker have an active COR in which he is the protected party, and Natalia is not permitted to be around him; However Natalia told police that she knew Mr. Parker would be there.

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