Mary Wordlaw breaks her cousin’s right eye socket after breaking into her home

24-year-old Mary Annette Wordlaw, a Popeyes employee, and her cousin, Kayliyah Nachelle Ellis, had a domestic incident with their cousin, Candice Corbin, at her Summit Heights apartment on the night of March 29th. On April 4th, around 9:45, Corbin alerted the authorities, advising them of the occurrence. Corbin stated that she and her boyfriend were at home when they heard a knock on the door and what sounded like a male saying his name. She added that he just had surgery that day, and a bunch of his friends had come to check on him, so she assumed it was one of them. Then, Corbin said she looked out of the peephole and did not see anyone, so she cracked the front door open. Corbin stated this was when Wordlaw and Ellis pushed in the door and started hitting her in the head until neighbors overheard the commotion and came to intervene. Corbin said that they left afterward, and she was not thinking clearly at the time of the attack. Because of this, Corbin did not call the police or seek medical attention. After several days of being in pain and her eye burning, she went to Tennova on April 1st. Tennova employees advised Corbin that her orbital socket was broken into two places. Wordlaw was taken into custody for aggravated burglary on April 25th.

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