Jennifer Owens steals dog & attacks owner, per report

38-year-old Jennifer Owens was booked on an outstanding warrant from September 27th when she allegedly broke into a home on Briar Hill Drive and stole their pit bull. Police spoke with Frank Somner and his girlfriend, Amber Mayfield, who stated they were asleep in their room when they were woken up by a loud noise in the kitchen. Owens and her juvenile daughter had forced their way into the home. Ms. Mayfield noticed her pitbull was taken from the house and put in the back of Owen’s vehicle.

When she tried to save her dog, she was attacked by Ms. Owens and her daughter. Ms. Mayfield says she was punched and kicked while lying on the ground. Ms. Owens then walked back into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and cut Ms. Mayfield on her arm. Finally, she threw a large boulder at Mr. Sumner’s vehicle, cracking his windshield before leaving

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