Lanautica Smith booked on outstanding warrant after fight with her mother

23-year-old Lanautica Danielle Smith was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from 2019 charging her with vandalism and interference with an emergency call. The 24-month-old warrant details that Lanautica was in a verbal altercation with her mother, Tonya, about removing items from her home. Tonya stated she was going to call 911, and Lanautica reportedly grabbed the phone out of her hands and smashed it on the ground. A warrant was issued for her arrest as she fled the scene before police arrived.

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Man charged with smashing wife’s phone when she tries to call 911 — Luis Martinez Muniz

26-year-old Luis Martinez Muniz is charged with taking the phone away from his wife, Kathy Martinez, and shattering it on the ground when she stated she wanted to call 911 to prevent an argument from escalating. It was unclear what the original argument was about. During the investigation, it was discovered he had also removed the battery cables from their vehicle and fled the scene before officers arrived.

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Man charged with punching wife after accusations of cheating — Jakelin Freeman

Officers say Amanda Quinn confronted her 22-year-old husband, Jakelin ‘Key’ Freeman, about cheating. She says in response, Freeman punched her twice in her left eye and once in the back of her head. When she stated she was calling 911, Freeman reportedly took her phone and would not return it, and it was still not returned when police made contact with the victim at the home.

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Clarksville BLM Leader Maurice Stegall charged in felony assault of white girlfriend

Clarksville’s most well-known leader and organizer for Black Lives Matter, 34-year-old Orlandes Maurice Stegall, was jailed Saturday after witnesses reported a black man with a gun driving a Chevy Silverado was arguing with a white female in a Ford Edge as both vehicles were traveling near Ft. Campbell Blvd.

The woman was identified as Stegall’s girlfriend, Crystal McAdams, told police she had confronted Stegall about a rumor she had heard, and why he was leaving the house at 3 a.m. all “dressed up”. She says he slapped her in the face, grabbed her by the neck, and broke her phone when she tried to call 911. She then grabbed her child and fled the home in her vehicle for safety, and Maurice Stegall followed in his vehicle. He is charged with felony aggravated assault, vandalism, and interference with a 911 call.

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Man busts into home & beats down man on couch with ex-girlfriend — David Ashrif Samy

Dejah Blackwell and Tyler Tornay say they were sitting on the couch in a residence on Stone Mountain Road on New Year’s Eve when they heard a car horn and suddenly the front door of the home flew open. They say 24-year-old David Samy, who is Blackwell’s ex-boyfriend, appeared without notice or invitation and began to beat Tyler in the face with his fists. Samy pushed Blackwell down into a table and tossed her phone when she tried to stop the assault and attempted to call police.

A warrant was issued for Samy’s arrest, as he fled the scene, and he was booked on the outstanding warrants for felony burglary of a habitation, domestic assault, and interference with an emergency call this week. He posted an $8,000 cash bond and was released.

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