Taylor Dawn Warren drunkenly assaults cousin who tried to help her

21-year-old Taylor Dawn Warren was picked up by her cousin, Katelyn Godert, after Taylor had consumed too much alcohol. As they were arriving back at the residence, Taylor began an argument in the vehicle. They then exited the vehicle and began to walk to the front door when Taylor Dawn punched her cousin in the face. Her cousin took her to the ground in self-defense. Warren was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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Kayla Meives charged after using drugs in Sonic stall with young daughter in vehicle

35-year-old Kayla Jo Meives faces child abuse/neglect and drug paraphernalia charges after Clarksville Police were notified she was nodding off while parked in a Sonic stall for over ten minutes with a 7-year-old child in the vehicle. As Officer Andrew Ramirez approached the driver’s side of her vehicle, he noticed she was holding a dollar bill with white powder/residue on it. She quickly stuffed it into her purse before stepping out of the Kia Sorento and admitted it was “more than a dollar bill.” Inside the vehicle, multiple dollar bills with drug residue were found, and a field test on them returned as positive for Fentanyl.

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Clarksville BLM Leader Maurice Stegall charged in felony assault of white girlfriend

Clarksville’s most well-known leader and organizer for Black Lives Matter, 34-year-old Orlandes Maurice Stegall, was jailed Saturday after witnesses reported a black man with a gun driving a Chevy Silverado was arguing with a white female in a Ford Edge as both vehicles were traveling near Ft. Campbell Blvd.

The woman was identified as Stegall’s girlfriend, Crystal McAdams, told police she had confronted Stegall about a rumor she had heard, and why he was leaving the house at 3 a.m. all “dressed up”. She says he slapped her in the face, grabbed her by the neck, and broke her phone when she tried to call 911. She then grabbed her child and fled the home in her vehicle for safety, and Maurice Stegall followed in his vehicle. He is charged with felony aggravated assault, vandalism, and interference with a 911 call.

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