William Barton charged in assault of girlfriend, Mariah Rittenberry

18-year-old William Barton was jailed on June 11th after calling 911 on himself and stating that he assaulted his girlfriend and would kill her if officers didn’t arrive soon. He told police he and his girlfriend, Mariah Rittenberry, got into an argument, and he punched holes in the wall because he was angry but didn’t touch her.

Mariah told police that Barton got angry, threw her on the bed, and pinned her down because she wouldn’t give him her car keys. She told him several times to get off of her, and when he did, he started punching holes in the wall to avoid hitting her. She stated she was terrified. At this point, Barton called 911 on himself and threw her phone inside the drywall, where it was lost. Barton’s sister told police she witnessed her brother throw Mariah on the bed and punch holes in the wall.

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