Birthday boy goes berserk at Mr. Billy’s Bar & Grill — William Best jailed

29-year-old William Best was jailed on June 10th for assaulting his ex-girlfriend after his birthday celebration. Andrea Munsell went out to Billy’s Bar & Grill to celebrate her ex’s birthday. While at the bar, Mr. Best was extremely drunk and calling her derogatory names, so she decided to leave the bar. As Ms. Munsell walked out, Mr. Best followed after her. She got into her car, and Best stopped her from closing her door and screamed in her face.

As he screamed, she could feel spit fly onto her face, so she turned her head, and when she did, Mr. Best grabbed her by the arm and back of the neck and yanked her toward him, screaming, “Look at me!” A crowd of people witnessed the incident and surrounded Mr. Best, telling him to get his hands off of Ms. Munsell. The crowd physically moved Mr. Best and told Ms. Munsell to leave.

While she was in the process of leaving, Mr. Best walked over and said, “yea, f*/ucking leave b*/ch” then started punching her front bumper, leaving two big dents. Ms. Munsell drove around to cool off before heading to her house. When she arrived, Mr. Best was already there. He told her he was there to apologize for how he acted; he was just really drunk.

Ms. Munsell let him in, but then they started arguing about her not wanting to be with him. When Mr. Best started yelling again, Ms. Munsell turned around on the couch and covered herself with a blanket. He ripped off her blanket and grabbed both of her arms. He squeezed until she couldn’t move and yelled, “Why don’t you love me!” When he finally let her go, she went upstairs and fell asleep, and Mr. Best fell asleep on the couch. She waited until the next day when he was gone to call the police because she was too afraid to call with him there.

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