Donald James Hall charged with BUI at Liberty Park on a boat with children

TWRA Officers say 35-year-old Donald James Hall was violating a no wake zone at Liberty Park Marina on August 7th. When officers approached him on the water, they noticed two juveniles on the vessel with him, one of which was nine years old and not wearing a life jacket. When asked for his driver’s license to be issued a citation, Hall didn’t make eye contact and provided three cards that were not his ID before eventually providing the correct one.

Hall was allowed to back the trailer to load up his boat while the officer completed the paperwork. During this time, he was unable to drive safely and was ordered out of the vehicle, at which time he admitted to drinking “four beers” while on the boat, something he previously denied. He was taken into custody, and CPD waited with the children for their mother to arrive.

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Woman charged in assault of pregnant woman — Allison Grayson arrested

Kayla Lavell says she was taking cigarettes to her boyfriend at his workplace at Liberty Park when 24-year-old Allison Grayson confronted her. She says Grayson took a swing at her and missed, then shoved her against a vehicle. Lavell, who is pregnant, says she suffered pain during the incident and continues to have lingering backaches from the assault.

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