Shioniqua Scott jailed after caught with 14.175 grams of marijuana

24-year-old Shioniqua Scott was in a vehicle with Charles Lyons while he was speeding at the intersection of Outlaw Field Road and Jack Miller Boulevard on February 17th. Upon contact with Lyons and his passenger, Shioniqua Scott, officers noted that there was a distinct smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Lyons explained that he smoked in the car earlier in the day, but that only led to a search. The search yielded three bags of marijuana weighing 14.175 grams, digital scales, plastic sandwich bags, air sealant bags with residue, a Glock 9mm, cigarillos, and multiple cell phones. Lyons nor Scott claimed the illegal goods. Both Shioniqua Scott and Charles Lyons were taken into custody and charged with unlawful drug paraphernalia, marijuana possession, and a firearm during a felony.

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