Tiana Rock charged in assault of 15-year-old daughter

38-year-old Tiana Rock was jailed on August 6th after reportedly assaulting her 15-year-old daughter at their home on Bonnie Blue Avenue. Police spoke with the minor victim, who stated that she and her mother got into an argument that turned physical when they entered a bathroom, and her mother grabbed her shoulder and squeezed while pushing her backward into the shower.

The victim said at this point, she punched her mother twice to try to get her to let go then she slipped and fell to the ground trying to get away. While the victim was on the ground, Ms. Rock grabbed her by the collar of the shirt, trying to pull her up. Police observed the victim’s shirt with a ripped collar and bruising forming on her upper right shoulder near the base of her neck. Ms. Rock was placed into custody and transported to Montgomery County Jail, leaving behind two other children that are in her custody.

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