Henry Sifre charged in assault of wife; who gouged his eyes in self-defense

45-year-old Henry Sifre was jailed on August 6th after his wife called 911 the night prior, reporting that she’d been hit. The operator heard a woman crying and stating something about being hit, and police were sent to Kettering Court. When officers arrived, they saw Sifre and his wife, Yvonne Hertlein, outside, screaming at each other. When Yvonne saw the police approaching, she screamed for them to keep Sifre away from her. She told police that Sifre and his friend were watching a boxing match.

When Sifre’s friend left, he came into the room where Yvonne was in bed watching tv and fell asleep next to her. When he woke up, they got into an argument, and he came toward her aggressively, so she grabbed a toothbrush to defend herself. Sifre threw her on the bed, got on top of her, and began strangling her. Yvonne struggled to breathe and dug her fingers into Sifre’s eyes to try to get him to let her go. When she did this, he bit her right index finger, but she was able to break free and make her way outside to her car. Sifre followed her, screaming at her, then took her keys and pulled her out of the car by her hair.

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