Lacie Reynolds said she “had to go!” and fled after hitting another vehicle

32-year-old Lacie Reynolds was booked last week on an outstanding warrant from April when she caused an accident on Fort Campbell Boulevard and fled the scene. Lacresha Locke was the driver of the vehicle that was hit by Reynold’s blue Honda Accord in front of the Taco Bell. After the collision, Locke and the other vehicle pulled into the parking lot; Reynolds got out and told Locke “not to call the police.” She then ran in the direction of Bank of America.

There was another female on the scene named Ginger Johnson, who told police that her daughter was the driver during the accident and told her she “had to go” after the crash. Contact wasn’t able to be made with Reynolds, but after police ran her name, they discovered she was driving on a revoked license. Her driver’s license was revoked due to her driving on a suspended license.

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