Soldier Jacob Liekhus charged with DUI after leaving Electric Cowboy club

21-year-old Jacob ‘Jake’ Liekhus was jailed on August 12th after police observed a black Ford F-150 swerving in and out of lanes on Fort Campbell Boulevard. They initiated a traffic stop and immediately noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Liekhus. Officers observed him to have slurred speech as he explained that he had been drinking at the troubled Electric Cowboy club. When police asked Liekhus to step out of the vehicle, he replied, “I’m going to let you know I’m pretty intoxicated.” Officers asked him how drunk he was, and he responded, “7 out of 10.” Liekhus consented to sobriety testing, performed poorly, and was taken into custody. He blew a 0.158% BAC on a breathalyzer. Liekhus lists his place of employment as B Company, 3-187 Infantry, Iron Rakkasans.

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