Casa D’Italia Ristorante scores 59 on Health Inspection — 15 pounds of food embargoed

Casa D’Italia Ristorante scores 59 on Health Inspection — 15 pounds of food embargoed

Clarksville’s newest Italian restaurant, Casa D’Italia Ristorante, received a devastating score of 59 from the health department in its third week of being open to the public. Hands were not washed, dishes were not sanitized, sausage and ground beef items were cooked 3 hours in advance and sitting out at 76 degrees, meatballs were under temperature, pasta was pre-cooked and held at 48 degrees, and dozens of other violations. Fifteen pounds of food was embargoed from being served.

The inspection occurred on January 4 as the inspector arrived at 11:33 a.m. and stayed until 1:11 p.m. throughout the lunch service.

Violations included:

  • PIC is not maintaining active managerial control over risk factors for foodborne illness. Cooling, cold holding, and hot holding violations were observed; employees were not washing hands at the appropriate times, employees were touching RTE food with bare hands, raw animal products were not stored properly, dishes and equipment were not being sanitized, and chemical bottles were not labeled.
  • Observed employee eating on make line directly over food prep surface.
  • Observed employee handling personal phone and returning to food prep without washing hands. Observed another employee touch raw shrimp and continue food prep without changing gloves or washing hands.
  • Observed employees loading dirty dishes and then handling clean dishes without washing hands.
  • Employee observed topping dish with grated cheese using bare hand.
  • Raw shrimp stored over cooked beef and fresh mushrooms in WIC. Raw hamburger and raw eggs stored over cooked pasta in WIC.
  • Observed employee washing and rinsing pots and pans and returning them to make line to be used without sanitizing.
  • The dish machine produced 0ppm chlorine on three consecutive runs. Attempted to prime the sanitizer line, but the pump was not working.
  • Sausage and hamburger were cooked 3 hours prior to inspection and temped 76-88. Items embargoed.
  • Meatballs on stove temped 126. Meatballs reheated to 165, advised PIC to keep the burner on low or to use a lid to maintain items in hot holding at 135 or above as required
  • Grilled chicken held on make line out of temperature control. Chicken temped 90-125. PIC stated chicken had been cooked 1 hour prior and was left out to use during the lunch rush.
  • Cooked pasta held on make line out of temperature control. Pasta temped 48-51. The PIC did not know the specific time it was taken out of cold holding; pasta was embargoed.
  • Spray bottles at the salad prep station were not labeled. Provided education on labeling all spray bottles.
  • Pasta cooling in WIC with plastic wrap sealed on top. Keep all items uncovered while cooling to aid in the cooling process.
  • Calamari thawing at room temp. Thaw all items in the cold holding unit or under cold, running water.
  • Bulk containers in the prep area were not labeled. Label all food products once removed from the original container.
  • Employee phone and drink stored on make line with food and clean dishes. Store all employee items down and away from food and food contact surfaces.
  • Red pepper flakes stored on the floor on make line; pasta stored on floor in WIC. Store all food at least 6 inches above the floor to prevent contamination.
  • Sauce cup used as scoop in the bulk food container. Use a scoop with handles and store the handle out of food to prevent contamination.
  • A leak from the condenser unit that is causing a large buildup of ice in WIF


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2 thoughts on “Casa D’Italia Ristorante scores 59 on Health Inspection — 15 pounds of food embargoed

  1. Excellent food. Ate Fri 6 Jan. Still alive. Pasta with seafood best I’ve had since I left Italy 22 yrs ago. Strong stomach of military spouse.

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