Adriana Paniagua-Sostenes gets into fight with boyfriend

28-year-old Adriana Paniagua-Sostenes was at a friend’s house on November 12th when a fight broke out between her and her boyfriend, Jose Gonzalez-Bravo. When police arrived, she told them that Gonzalez had become angry and started to attack her and punched her in the eye, causing her eye to become swollen. But when officers contacted Gonzalez, he told them the exact opposite. He said that he was hanging out at a friend’s house, and Sostenes got angry and started attacking him, which left bleeding on the left side of his face. Gonzalez also said that while he did punch her, it was to get her off him. Officers couldn’t ascertain the primary aggressor because while there was a witness, they didn’t see the beginning but saw both going at it with each other. Sostenes was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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