DUI: Alysha Lewis found unresponsive in McDonald’s drive thru

31-year-old Alysha Lynnette Lewis was unresponsive in the McDonald’s drive-thru lane, holding it up as customers honked their horns at her in the early hours of November 23rd. Officers observed her in a white SUV as she stared at him with a “dumbfounded” look, with her eyes struggling to stay open. She rolled down the window when officers asked her to and began to slur her words as she responded to them. Officers had her find a parking spot, step out of the vehicle, and noticed that she was visibly intoxicated. Lewis did not consent to sobriety tests, began speaking incoherently, asking if the officers could find someone who spoke English even though the ones that were present spoke English, and was read implied consent. She was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

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