CMCSS Employee Arnell Wilson shoots multiple people with his father

27-year-old CMCSS employee Arnell Jamal Wilson was seen shooting at people with his father, David Wilson, on November 10th. Officers obtained ring camera footage of 2 males with firearms; David and Arnell matched the descriptions. During a recorded phone call, Arnell admitted to shooting the AR-style pistol toward a light-skinned black male with curly hair. Arnell said that he fired because the light-skinned man shot at him first, but when Arnell had a conversation with law enforcement, he never told anyone that he was shot at. Calvin Brown, who was at the scene, said that he was grazed by a projectile, leaving an injury on his right knee. Three females and Evertt Hopkins were in the area when the shooting happened, and they said the Wilsons were shooting in their direction. When interviewed, Arnell immediately lawyered up in contrast to his dad, who admitted to shooting the gun and said that Arnell shot the Rifle-style firearm. Wilson was taken into custody and charged with five counts of aggravated assault.

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