Soldier Gabriel Garcia threatens friends with loaded gun during dinner

20-year-old Soldier Gabriel Garcia was seen pulling a gun on his friend, Schow, and his wife, Tiepelman, at his The Flats at Lancaster apartment on April 1st. Schow and Tiepelman were invited to a dinner by Garcia and his wife. During the dinner, Garcia asked Schow to come outside and check out his truck. While outside, Schow brought up an incident that occurred between him and Garcia a few days prior. This caused Garcia to yell at Schow, telling him to “Get the Fuck out of his house.” Seeing how mad Garcia was, Schow returned to the house and gathered his belongings. Garcia followed behind, yelling at the couple to leave his home. Tiepelman went into Garcia’s bedroom to get her shoes and was followed closely by Garcia. While Tiepelman was putting on her shoes, she heard Garcia cock a gun. She ran out of the apartment and yelled to Schow that Garcia had a loaded gun. Garcia proceeded to come out into the hallway where Schow and his wife were while pointing the loaded gun at them. Garcia began yelling, telling them to “Get out of his house or else he’s going to shoot them.” Gabriel Garcia was taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

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