Kayla Turner severely neglects 5-year-old and newborn baby

28-year-old Kayla Janae Cartell Turner was taken into custody for three counts of child abuse/neglect. In the early hours of February 11th, a concerned citizen alerted the authorities, informing them that an unsupervised infant was walking in the middle of the parking lot at Ramblewood Apartments. Detectives arrived and observed the infant was barefoot and covered in dirt with a soiled diaper. After speaking with several residents, they located the mother, Turner, in her unit and noticed a heap of clothing in the living room, hindering any sight of the floor. There was also rotten food on the floor and counters, which were both covered in mold. Then, officers located a 5-year-old child and a newborn, who was face down on the bed with a diaper so soiled that it had lost its color. As they investigated further, they found trash piled up inside the children’s bedroom and realized no food. Turner told them that she had last changed their diapers around 7 p.m. on February 10th, six hours before officers showed up, and then explained that she only gets one diaper size for her 5-year-old, 1-year-old, and newborn to share, insisting that they wore the same size. She also admitted to drinking before she went to bed on the day prior. Turner was detained, and then detectives notified DCS.

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