DUI: Soldier Xavier Mitchell rams into front gate of Renaissance apartment complex

34-year-old Soldier Xavier Mitchell was seen in a white Kia ramming into the front gate at the Renaissance at Peachers Mill on March 22nd. Officers responded to a caller who reported that the driver of the white Kia looked “drunk out of his mind.” When officers came into contact with Mitchell, he was asleep at the front gate of the apartment complex with his car still running. Once waken up, Mitchell displayed difficulty answering simple questions and slurred his words. Mitchell consented to execute field sobriety tests but performed poorly. After searching Mitchell’s car, officers found an El Bracero receipt dating from March 22nd, 2024, which included five tequila drinks. When officers informed Mitchell of implied consent, he refused to provide a breath sample. Xavier Mitchell was then transported to booking, where he was charged with driving under the influence and implied consent on March 23rd.

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