51: Inspectors found more roaches than handsoap at SOHO Chinese Japanese Fusion restaurant in Clarksville

51: Inspectors found more roaches than handsoap at SOHO Chinese Japanese Fusion restaurant in Clarksville

Health Inspectors gave the SOHO Chinese & Japanese Fusion restaurant a 51 during a Thursday morning inspection in North Clarksville. The routine inspection revealed roaches crawling on the walls, floors, and pipes, no handwashing (and no soap at the sink), raw animal products improperly stored (some at improper temperatures and loose in grocery bags), dishes not being washed or sanitized, and the staff wasn’t checking dates or temperatures of food products.

SOHO Fusion is located at 1492 Tiny Town Road in the same plaza as the Publix at Peachers Mill. The last inspection at this location received an 89 in November of 2021. The location has a history of low scores, receiving a 58 in March of 2021, and a 66 in July of 2020.

  • not maintaining active managerial control over risk factors for foodborne illness. Most employees are not washing hands, raw animal products are not stored properly, dishes and equipment are not being properly washed, rinsed, and sanitized, temperatures are not being checked to ensure proper cold holding, and items are not being date marked.
  • Observed employee eating pringles at sushi make line, directly over food and food contact surfaces.
  • Only one employee was observed washing hands during the entirety of the inspection. Other employees were observed touching phone, clothing, and face with bare hands and returning to food prep without washing their hands.
  • Hand sink by make line did not have soap upon arrival.
  • Raw beef was stored over open cases of RTE cabbage and avocados in WIC.
  • TCS items in make line unit temped 43-52 during the inspection. Embargoed all items that temped 48 and above, all other TCS items moved to working unit until make line unit can be repaired and maintain 41 or below as required.
  • Cooked shrimp and cooked chicken in WIC and fried chicken in prep unit were not date marked upon arrival to inspection but were cooked more than 24 hours before the inspection.
  • Observed roaches crawling on walls and floor under dish machine and on pipes under 3 compartment sink.
  • Cases of food stored on floor in WIF, a container of raw chicken stored on floor in WIC, bag of rice stored on floor in food prep area.
  • Wet, soiled wiping cloths stored on prep tables throughout kitchen and at sushi bar.
  • Raw and cooked meats stored in grocery bags in make line unit, WIC, WIF, and RIC.
  • Hood has heavy buildup of grease that is dripping back down onto cooking surfaces.
  • Hot water not available at hand sink by make line.

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