TBI Confirms Sheriff’s daughter, Sarah Fuson, at center of child abuse probe at daycare

TBI Confirms Sheriff’s daughter, Sarah Fuson, at center of child abuse probe at daycare

The Tennesse Bureau of Investigation (TBI) today confirmed that Sarah Fuson, daughter of Montgomery County Sheriff John Fusion, is named in a child abuse complaint at Tylertown Learning Center in Clarksville, where she was previously employed. She is accused of shaking a child resulting in serious injury to the child’s head. John Fuson stated today that her situation was part of what led him to stop publishing mugshots on the county website. This is a developing story.


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8 thoughts on “TBI Confirms Sheriff’s daughter, Sarah Fuson, at center of child abuse probe at daycare

  1. Agree, booking log should stay, he should step down. Fair is fair. Not saying what his family does is his fault, but adjusting to his situation should be a no no. Not professional at all. Bring back booking log.

  2. Booking log is bullying do you not get it no your are not bright & don’t care! People are judging as guilty already are you people nuts take bullying log off now !!!

  3. Agreed 💯 bottom line is is all a MATTER IF PUBLIC RECIRD EVEN. by him doing this does not stop the news press not the paper write up as well and I 💯 he should resign

  4. I agree, booking log should stay. He had no business pulling it. He should step down. Nobody’s family is perfect. If everyone else has to go thru embarrassment photos of family on the booking logs then so should he.

  5. I feel that the booking log should stay, why do the sure feel that him and his family is superior to anyone else. Montgomery county sheriff department gave a picture of my 16 year old grandson and his co-defender to Nashville news and my grandson was flashed across all TVs on the charge he’s not even guilty of and one in which should not have been posted or broadcast on TV. due to his age

  6. This just shows that some law thinks they are above all and can do anything sorry for saying this because we do have some very good law inforsment offerment people

  7. I left TN back in 07, still have family and friends that I try to keep up with but unfortunately some are just in a good place. ( sometimes a mugshot is the only way family can keep up with loved ones and also what about victims being reassured they are safe. We all know the corruption that is deeply woven within the MCSO. He himself is on some power trip. Covering up his past and his family’s current problems. His brother is “allegedly” was caught at Rotary Park back in February after being caught playing with his pickle, charged with indecent exposure at A PARK.

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